Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Lord,  I sit here looking at the computer,  there's such an ache in my heart.  At times I feel like I'm unable to connect with the things of this world anymore.
What was the purpose of the dream I had the other day?  So real, that it woke me out of a sound sleep.  I heard myself say,  "Turn from, and in my heart finished the sentence__ your wicked ways."
In the dream I first saw, standing on a street corner,  some women,  who were grossly over weight and stark naked.  Upon raising my eyes I saw that these women were at the beginning of a line of naked women stretching off into the distance, as far as my eyes could see.  I somehow had the feeling that just because they appeared to be women,  they were men and women.  Suddenly, and completely unexpected, I raised my arms toward them and spoke with such authority, that they turned their attention to me.  It was in a language that I did not know.  I was struggling in my mind to understand what I was saying, when just as suddenly those words came,  "Turn from your wicked ways!"
All day, until now, I have held this in my heart Lord.  And the thing that You showed me in my minds eye of a house I was in, watching all these people trying to FIX it.  Everyone was working at something different and seemed to have a different idea about how it should be done.  And then you showed me that the foundation of the house was being completely eaten away by ravenous termites, and all of their work was in vain.
Again You spoke;  "NO MAN CAN FIX IT."
OK,  I've shared it here.  And I'm trusting that if it is from You, then you will speak to the hearts of those You will.  To those who have ears to hear.
I see our homes,  our communities,  our nation and the whole world trying to FIX IT!  Lord,  how is it that they are so deaf and blind?  Yes the blind leading the blind.  They have turned everyone to their own way.  The foundation upon which this country was built is being whittled away to nothing.  We have sold our souls for a morsel.  Our sons and daughters for a life that fades away like a vapor. 
I myself do not sense the Wrath that is to come in the reality of its judgement.  Your Word___You are the same yesterday, today and forever.  There is no shadow of turning in You.  Your Word is Your Law,  it is Your nature,  Your government, established from Alpha to Omega.  It changes not.
I remember when you said, " I pray not for the world, but for those, Father, whom you gave me, who are in the world."  It's all about those who are yours, though you are not willing that any should perish, and that they too may enter in, as you draw them and give them opportunity to choose whom they will serve,  turning from their wicked ways.
No military might,  no amount of money,  no plan for jobs,  no national or any kind of health plan, no United Nations,  no Stock Exchange, no Democrat, Republican, or Party of any kind,  No Bible thumping , Koran thumping, Torah thumping, Book of Mormon thumping thumpers will ever be the answer to the endless, problems that face the world today.  The world is become Babylon.  It's towers sway at the vibration of the Word which is coming forth in the earth.  It is Christ come in flesh,  His kingdom ruling in the hearts of men and women who groan for the release of His will and purpose to be fulfilled in this age.  Your manifest Sons.
Not male or female, not Jew or Gentile, not rich or poor, bond or free.  All stand naked before You Lord.  You see your own clothed in the righteousness of Your Son. Robes washed in His very own shed blood.  Nothing but the blood will wash away sin. 
I'm asking that you give me a sense of the reality of the seriousness of what you want me to know and see.  Forgive me for my apathy, my false sense of security, in my lifestyle, and my relationship with You. 
For I have made a covenant to follow You Lord and to keep your commandments and testimony, Your precepts and statutes, with all of my heart and soul.
  Do what you will to reveal at what great cost my salvation was purchased, ((( in its reality ))).  That my testimony will speak with conviction and Spirit power, to the redeeming of souls for Your kingdom.
This I ask, this I pray, this I covenant this day, in Your name Lord.  Amen.   ___Raf

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