Wednesday, October 5, 2011

That In All Things He Might Have the Pre-Eminence

When you read this verse,  you read it in its present tense.  Many have and do use the verse in a prophetic manner, and I'm sure, in a sincere attempt to press the hearer to consider their wayward way, and the earnest of the scripture to turn them from it.
First of all, I do not want to diminish the urgency of the warning given.  But I do want to point to the fact that this was written to the early Christians and the world that surrounded them at the time.
This is a timeless admonishment, a commandment in a sense to those who walk without the fear of the Lord.  Who walk not after the Spirit, but after the flesh.
The warning is as much for us today as it was in the beginning.
God's people have "mingled"  in illicit and forbidden ways with the sons of men.  As I write this,  I too confess the shame of spiritual adultery, and seek to know the severity of it, in relation to the heart of my Lord.  So much of what I think, say and do is done with no thought of God's Holiness.  I'm not talking about wearing a six inch cross around my neck, or a bible in my hand, where ever I go.  I'm talking about religiousness without life.  His Life.
I'm always hesitant in speaking my heart on this subject, because I know that there are those who are earnestly a part of Christian fellowships today that walk in the Moving of God's Spirit amongst them.  But those same individuals have lost their balance in the "Knowing" of  WHY they are God's people, and though they speak His name, have lost a true consciousness of Christ's vision of His ((why)) He has come to make us a peculiar people in the earth.
Isaiah was told to,  "cry aloud, spare not, lift up your voice like a trumpet and show my people their transgression, and the house of Jacob their sin."  This was a word for those who sought Him daily and delighted to know His ways.  They were doing the works, but without the Spirits Vision and purpose.  They lost the vital vitality of "seeing what the Lord was doing,"  even as Jesus did what He saw His Father doing.
The reality of the things of spirit have become the counterfeit of the things of the flesh.  It doesn't take thousands to change a world, it takes one man or woman on their knees in prayer.  And God cares not what religious tag you wear.
Those things that characterise a people under the true government and energy of the Holy Spirit, are nearly gone.  Because of it, we, the Body of Christ are losing our authority in our homes, our communities and our nation.
It is because we mingle ourselves with the world.  This then causes us to lose unity amongst ourselves as brethren in the Lord.  Then lastly we lose the glory of His presence among us and His covering over us.  
His judgement has always begun with His own house, His own people.  It is no different today, as He overturns, overturns, overturns.  Ezekiel 21
The message is the same to us today.  He is not interested in our religious form or activities, at least not the merits of it.  He knows our works.  He is not concerned even with or profession,  for it is His Testimony.
There is one reason we have been called and raised up, elected and/or chosen in Him.  Love's one purpose was and is and ever shall be concerning His Son, that in all things He might have the pre-eminence, in occupying the first, full and final place in all things.  
What is true of the Church, begins in our individual hearts.  Is our relationship REAL?  Are we hypocrites, portraying ourselves as something we are not?  
"Come near"  and hear the Word of the Lord,  He will overturn all that is of the flesh.  He will overturn all that is not of the fullness of His plan and purpose.  He will overturn all that does not acknowledge His pre-eminence.
The whole world is reeling in rebellion and chaos.  But their is One who is above the firmament, whose rule is over all kingdoms, dominions and powers.  The heavens rule, and men despise the sound of it.
Beloveds of the Lord, this is our comfort___that our God's throne is over all.  Though the whole earth shake with the falling of the nations, there is one Throne that will remain for ever, it is appointed to God's own Son who is heir of all things.  Hebrews 1:2
Once again we are observing the spread of the denial of the Son of God,  of the people of God who worship Him.  This power is the same that has always loathed the relationship and authority that is given to God's Son.  He is still working feverishly to set his kingdom above God's throne.  Because of His perpetual tactics this world in it's contemporary and lost state will face the same destiny and fate as generations past.  
The day is coming when the Scripture will be fulfilled:  "The kingdom of the world is become the kingdom of our Lord and of His Christ"  Revelation 11:15
This is the lesson of world history, the purpose of God__to reconcile all things unto Christ, things in the heavens, things in the earth,  that in all things He might have the pre-eminence."  Colossians 1:13 

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