Thursday, October 6, 2011


You must warn each other every day, while it is still “today,” so that none of you will be deceived by sin and hardened against God. (Hebrews 3:13 NLT)
One of the things that hardens our hearts against the Lord the most is doubt and confusion concerning His Word,  His Spirit Word.  He himself is the WORD, and as we come to abide in him, listening intently for that still small voice that speaks clearly,  our hearts are filled with His faith, the confidence and the joyful peace of our right relationship with Him and our freedom in not depending on someone else's interpretation of truth concerning their  own reality of Him__ We were not created in Christ to be sheep followers, but followers of the Good Shepherd.
Sharing our relationship, in testimony of Him is one thing, and allowing the Holy Spirit to reveal Christ through that testimony, without manipulating how the hearer will interpret it,  is letting Christ become their reality,  their choice,  their salvation.  And if they truly seek Him, they will find Him.  In Him is Truth, and our relationship with Him and with the brethren is safe and comfortable there.  It is where Peace abides.  It is where Love abides.
The earth is filled with ideologies, isms, schisms, and prisms of their own intellectual concept of truth, their reality of it___and that's OK,  because that's the dock that we, each, must launch from into true faith, of the incomprehensible Christ.
We must come to launch out into the deep of His perfect righteousness, from our own moral-ness.  We must come to recognize that there is nothing in ourselves that we can trust,  not even our best intentions, our highest goals, our surest emotions.  The flesh heart is deceitfully wicked,  who can know it? 
Christ does, praise his name. !
Especially in our motives__ we say, "Our motives were right!" We talk about our conscientiousness, we talk about our intentions; but you and I do not know what lies behind what we call our good motives.
There is a deceitfulness about this human heart that defies our greatest attempt at tracking it down, and we shall never do it....For in this life, the flesh and the Spirit will always be at war.   
The church has become such a confused thing, and such a tragedy; for the prevailing idea is that if you give yourself over to God He will take you up and use you:  This is proselytizing. 
"Christ did not come to bring over our humanity and consecrate it to the Himself! ___You can't consecrate your old man to the Lord, and go out and serve the Lord, with a consecrated old man!" it is utterly contrary to the teaching of God’s Word.
All the world over we have people serving the Lord in the energy of their flesh, in the reasoning of the flesh, in the emotions of the flesh.  Moral-ness.  
Meet them, counter them, frustrate them, and you meet something evil; you meet with a fight, a division, a schism, a scattering, and wholesale resignations.
Do you see what a havoc the enemy can make in that which is called the church, because people with best intentions and purest motives have come to serve the Lord with all their own intelligence,  their interpretation and reality of the written Word___in their own strength, and their own emotion, in their own reality. 
They have not seen that God has closed the door to the old creation, in relation to those He has called unto himself___ and that God’s attitude is this: "The only thing that can satisfy Him__ that can serve Him is His Son, and if you are going to come into His service, He has to be the energy of everything, the Life of everything, the Wisdom of everything!" He has to be the governing, ruling reality in everything. It is not to be a matter of your impulses, your thinking and reasoning,  but of His urgings and leading by the Holy Spirit; not your sitting down to reason out what it would be good to do for the Lord, what ought to be done, what needs to be done, said or what you think you know or don't know,  because it is  HIS TESTIMONY, the Holy  Spirit revealing Christ___ nothing more....
Launch out from your moral reality, which is self-righteousness.  Cast out into the deep.  Leave behind your old creation and give it to God,  launch out into the will of His mind, His heart, His perfect will and purpose for you, then let your living in Him and His living in you be testament and witness to the Reality of Christ.   
Secondly,  launch out from humanistic will-worship to the worship of Spirit praise in truth, that uninhibited flow of Spirit that rises up as Living Waters, running over, and never running dry.  Christ is the source of this fountain, without Him it is mere will-worship,  the cares of this life, the fears, doubts and confusion it  brings, the disappointment of failures, especially those within your own power to fulfill___
 This is what happens when we work out of our own strength, our own knowledge, our own moral-ness, our will-worship a relationship that really is without a conscious revelation of who He is, and why we worship Him. 
Our reality should originate from the "new creation man"  the new nature.  LOVE is come.  Let the redeemed of the Lord say so!  __Raf
"God begins with birth. The church of the firstborn is something quite new, and it comes out of a death. That death is the death of an old creation, and the resurrection is of something that is not the resuscitation of an old creation, but the resurrection of something wholly of God."  T. Sparks

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